City Paintings

Edsy's City Paintings are snapshots of cityscapes on the cusp of diappearing.  He finds buildings that interest him and takes photos, then goes back to the studio and draws out the basis of the paintings.  He then painstakingly paints them in acrylic silk screen paints, and follows that with ink details to bring the images to their finshed state. 

These are places you've passed by a million times and have noticed but never considered beyond your passing recognition.  These are places Edsy has contemplated, staged on his canvas and spent countless hours working out the fine details. He is chronicaling not only a building, the street and signs, but a moment in time.  To it he adds his own mythology, clues to who Edsy is, his own hieroglyphs--"wooly", red shoes, personal details, and the most personal--himself to each of the compositions.