40 Something



Solvent Transfers are monoprints made of found images from cast off media such as old magazines, dipped in solvent and burnished leaving a reverse image behind. Transferred on to various media like paper or wood, they are a culmination of ideas and ghostly images that float in and out in various compositions.

Edsy’s has explored themes ranging from art, celebrity, non-celebrity, homosexuality, and personalized compositions for commissions.   Several series of works have emerged over time.

Edsy juxtaposes the transferred/found images into the content of the compositions.  Like the Pop and post-Abstract Expressionist who predate him, he appropriates freely from contemporary culture and all that has come before now. 

Edsy was inspired to experiment with this transfer process after his exposure to a series of Polaroid Transfers & Combines he viewed at the 1997 Retrospective of Robert Rauschenberg’s work at the Guggenheim Museum New York. 

Edsy’s experimenting evolved from a single image transferred onto a small piece of 3” x 5” paper to large scale, complex compositions in various shapes, and now portraits.

Portrait commissions accepted, please contact Edsy for further details.